How long have you worked in the life sciences industry and why did you choose this field? 

I started my career in the life sciences industry back in 2013 through an entrepreneurship experience.  I chose this field following my PhD as a natural way to bridge science and marketing. I am a scientist by training, and I tend to entertain my natural curiosity for the world through science. I believe science is the perfect way to understand the world surrounding us and push the boundaries of our current knowledge. Being part of the life sciences industry is a way to utilize knowledge from the scientific and academic world to create value for patients.

What excites you about working with AnaBios?

I am impressed by the dedication of the team to provide original translational solutions to our partners in various areas such as cardiovascular, pain and respiratory diseases. Working with a committed team is key to the success of our partners’ studies. Furthermore, there is a true interest to expand AnaBios’ current models in new applications and open AnaBios’ capabilities to new therapeutic areas, such as diseases in the central nervous system or liver. We are going through scientifically exciting times, and we hope to share this enthusiasm with our partners.

What do you enjoy most about business development?

Business development is about value creation. You can have the best tool ever, but if it’s not used as it should or if one doesn’t see its full potential, no one will see its true value. What I like in business development is the diversity of project you are facing. You have to understand what your partner is working on and what challenge they are facing to provide them with the best solution you have in your toolbox.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In this tumultuous world, and given the current situation, healthy and happy would be the most appropriate answer. On a professional point of view, I will continue taking part in supporting the creation of value in the life sciences industry.

What motivates you in your work?

I like challenges and multicultural environments. I like meeting scientists from all over the world and seeing that the solutions I provide them are truly helping them move forward. A thank you from partners is priceless, as they are the ones shaping tomorrow’s medicines.