Product NameCryosuspension Hepatocytes
Cat. No.HEP-001Species Human
Size/Quantity1 vialBiosafety Level 1
Shipping InfoDry IceShipping InfoLiquid Nitrogen
Product NameCryoplateable Hepatocytes
Cat. No.HEP-002Species Human
Size/Quantity1 vialBiosafety Level 1
Shipping InfoDry IceShipping InfoLiquid Nitrogen
Human Liver Hepatocytes


Primary Human Hepatocytes

AnaBios offers high-quality cryopreserved suspension and plateable hepatocytes from an extensive donor network for drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. Each lot of human hepatocytes is quality control tested and validated for CYP induction/inhibition enzyme activity.

Primary human hepatocytes make up approximately 80% of the liver mass and are responsible for energy storage in the form of glycogen, synthesis of protein, bile salts and phospholipids. It aids in the regulation of cholesterol, secretion of bile and detoxification of potentially toxic substances.

Our primary human hepatocytes are ideal for disease modeling and genomic applications. Plateable format cells are generally metabolically active for five days and ideal for more extended studies, including transporter studies, induction, and toxicity. Suspension format cells are suitable for shorter-term analysis between 4-8 hours, including clearance and metabolism studies.

RNA Integrity Numbers (RIN)

The RNA quality of human organs recovered and preserved by AnaBios was assessed using RNA integrity numbers (RIN) determined by an Agilent Bioanalyzer. Total RNA was extracted and isolated from homogenized human tissue samples that were either preserved by flash freezing in liquid nitrogen or by immersion in RNAlater. Aliquots of extracted total RNA were run on the Bioanalyzer, and the integrity of the RNA was assessed by the ratio of the peaks of 28S and 18S ribosomal RNA. Mean RIN scores per tissue type (healthy donors) are shown in the graph (error bars = standard deviation). High quality RNA that can be used for expression analysis is indicated by a RIN score greater than 7, which indicates that RNA remains intact and not degraded during tissue recovery. All RIN scores were consistently above 7 with mean scores above 9.  Diseased tissue samples have similar high quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between AnaBios’ human tissue and that of biobanks and tissue repositories?

AnaBios takes strict protocol measures to ensure the viability and functionality of the tissue and organs ethically-procured from donors. Our methodologies for preserving the tissue focuses on utilizing solutions that temporarily induce metabolic arrest and slow down the ischemic breakdown process. This approach halts the depletion of intracellular ATP and creates an ionic transmembrane balance compatible with the preservation of tissue integrity.

Does AnaBios offer diseased tissue for academic and biotech research?

AnaBios offers normal and diseased high-quality human tissue for both academic and pharmaceutical research, and provides demographic information, such as sex, age, race and BMI. Please contact us for more information about our diseased tissue.

Does AnaBios ship human tissue to locations outside of the United States?

AnaBios ships human tissue samples internationally using World Courier services to ensure successful shipments.