Human Lung Tissue for Translational Research

AnaBios is one of the only contract research organizations in the United States with direct access to a vast network of human tissue and intact, functional human lungs from consented donors. We have more than 10 years of experience procuring ethically-sourced human tissue samples processed utilizing proprietary methods to maximize success in experimentation involving proteomics, metabolomics and gene expression analysis. These specialized tissue samples are ideally suited for supporting scientific research and drug discovery in several therapeutic areas.

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Preparation & Storage of PCLS

AnaBios offers cryopreserved precision-cut lung slices that can be thawed for long-term culture. AnaBios procures human lung organs from consented donors, which are then processed utilizing a vibratome. Afterwards, the slices are stored at -196°C. The slices are highly viable and maintain function after being thawed and placed in culture.

Precision-Cut Lung Slices for Ex-Vivo Assays

Pulmonary assays utilizing precision-cut lung slices (PCLS) have the advantage of maintaining the intact tissue structure. In the image to the right, Brightfield microscopy is used to measure arteriole contraction and relaxation.

Cryopreserved Precision-Cut Lung Slices Function Similarly to Fresh PCLS

In the image below, fresh and cryopreserved precision-cut lung slices show identical responses to three reference drugs: histamine, methacoline and formoterol. AnaBios offers PCLS from the right and left lungs.

Organ Recovery Process

AnaBios recovers human tissue samples exclusively from a US-based network comprised of a large number of hospitals. All cases are ethically consented and comply with regulations governing the procurement and use of human tissue for research. In addition, all tissue samples are recovered using rigorous protocols which utilize proprietary reagents that ensure tissue viability and consistency.

High-Quality Human Tissue

AnaBios offers a wide range of high-quality human tissue types, including heart, brain and spinal cord. We offer both normal and diseased tissue, and provide demographic details, including sex, age, race and body mass index.