Pioneering A Human-Based Approach to Drug Development

AnaBios has taken a novel approach to solving the translational challenges in biomedical research and drug discovery. We have developed the ability to test the potential efficacy and safety of new drug candidates in human tissues well in advance of clinical studies. This is made possible through the integration of an extensive network of partnering hospital, the utilization of advanced tissue preservation methods and the laboratory-based assessment of drug effects on the tissue. From medical center to laboratory, AnaBios maintains full oversight of the procurement process and utilization of human tissues to guarantee consistency in the quality of samples. The high quality and fully viable human tissues procured by AnaBios are ideal not only for physiological and pharmacological investigations, but also for histological and omics studies.

  • Procurement: AnaBios ethically recovers human organs and tissues from a broad network of U.S.-based medical centers.
  • Viability preservation: AnaBios employs advanced, proprietary methods to preserve the physiological integrity of the procured organs and tissues.
  • Experimental interrogation: AnaBios performs ex vivo studies using the human organs and tissues to generate predictive, human-based data for assessing the potential efficacy and safety of new drugs.