The Pain Research Forum highlighted AnaBios CEO Dr. Andre Ghetti’s recent presentation at the 11th Annual Pain and Migraine Therapeutics Summit in San Diego, California. Dr. Ghetti discussed the importance of utilizing human DRG neurons early in the drug discovery process to accurately predict human responses to molecular compounds.

From the article:

The human DRG neurons, Ghetti said, have great predictive value for development of pharmaceutical agents. For example, one compound—an unnamed sodium channel blocker—showed promise in rodents, halting firing of action potentials in DRG neurons and reversing hypersensitivity in vivo. But the compound had no effect on human DRG neurons, even though the target molecule was present, effectively ending further advancement of the compound (and potentially saving time and money developing it). On the flipside, a different sodium channel blocker was “resurrected.” “It was ineffective in cells or in vivo in animals, but in human DRG it was effective at action potential inhibition.” Without that experiment, Ghetti said, “it would have been terminated, but it is now in development.”

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