Drug Development Programs

AnaBios leverages decades of drug de-risking expertise, as well as innovative human ex vivo technology, to advance internal proprietary drug discovery programs. Promising assets are in-licensed at various preclinical stages from partnering organizations, progressed through lead optimization and clinical candidate selection phases and on to IND or clinical Phase I trials.

Assets brought to IND employing AnaBios’ technology have a vast amount of human data that are typically absent at the preclinical stage with traditional approaches. These human-based data dramatically reduce risk in subsequent clinical development.

In many cases, the human ex vivo data not only provides strong evidence as to the potential safety and efficacy of the molecules, but also helps define the most appropriate therapeutic indication and dosing for clinical studies.

The AnaBios business model includes partnering with pharmaceutical organizations to advance the clinical development of these licensed assets.

AnaBios is proud to be a development partner with:

Neuroservices Alliance is a “one-stop shop” CNS contract research organization for translational data, providing pharmaceutical industries with functional readouts in neuropharmacology. Data is generated from complementary CNS platforms, including in silico dynamic ligand-receptor modeling, in vitro & in vivo CNS electrophysiology and behavioral tests.