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Long-term non-invasive interrogation of human dorsal root ganglion neuronal cultures on an integrated microfluidic multielectrode array platform. Enright H. A., Felix S. H., Fischer N. O., Mukerjee E. V., Soscia D., Mcnerney M., Kulp K., Zhang J., Page G., Miller P., Ghetti A., Wheeler E. K. and Pannu S. (2016) Analyst; DOI: 10.1039/C5AN01728A.

Group II mGluRs suppress hyperexcitability in mouse and human nociceptors. Davidson S, Golden JP, Copits BA, Ray PR, Vogt SK, Valtcheva MV, Schmidt RE, Ghetti A, Price T, Gereau RW. (2016) Pain: PMID: 27218869.

α-Conotoxin Vc1.1 inhibits human dorsal root ganglion neuroexcitability and mouse colonic nociception via GABAB receptors. Castro J, Harrington AM, Garcia-Caraballo S, Maddern J, Grundy L, Zhang J, Page G, Miller PE, Craik DJ, Adams DJ, Brierley SM (2016) Gut; 10.1136/gutjnl-2015-310971.

The Cancer Chemotherapeutic Paclitaxel Increases Human and Rodent Sensory Neuron Responses to TRPV1 by Activation of TLR4. Li Y, Adamek P, Zhang H, Esteves Tatsui C, Rhines LD, Mrozkova P, Li Q, Kosturakis AK, Cassidy RM, Harrison DS, Cata JP, Sapire K, Zhang H, Kennamer-Chapman RM, Jawad AB, Ghetti A, Yan Y, Palecek J, Dougherty PM. (2015) Journal of Neuroscience, 35 (39): 13487-13500; doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1956-15.2015

Human sensory neurons: cellular excitability, sensitization, and ion channel conductances. Copits B, Davidson S, Zhang J, Page G, Ghetti A, Gereau RW (2015) Journal of Pain 16(4): S60. DOI: 10.1016/j.jpain.2015.01.256

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Action of biased-mor agonists to inhibit depolarization-induced calcium mobilization in cultured human DRG neurons. Arneric SP, Zhang J, Miller P, Rankovic R, Hahn PJ, Gernert DL, Ghetti A (2014) Abstract IASP Meeting

Gadolinium-induced activation of nociceptors in human DRG neuronal-glial cultures. Zhang J, Page P, Enright H, Mcnerney W, Mukerjee E, Wheeler E, Pannu S, Kulp K, Qian F, Miller P and Ghetti A (2014) Abstract IASP Meeting

Tailoring chronic pain treatments for the elderly: are we prepared for the challenge? Arneric SP, Laird JM, Chappell AS, Kennedy JD. (2014) Drug Discovery Today; 19: 8-17.

Sensory neuron hyperexcitability is prevented by group 2 metabotropic glutamate receptors in mouse and human metabotropic glutamate receptors in mouse and human. Davidson S, Golden JP, Page G, Zhang J, Ghetti A, and Gereau RW (2013) Poster at NIH Pain Meeting.

Carbamazepine and CNV1427400 exhibit similar pharmacology in recombinant systems, rat and human native DRGs. Tate SN, Rugiero F, Derjean D, Panchenko VA, Owen D, Ghetti A, Bannister K, Thakur M, Dickenson AH, Miller P, Morisset V (2012) Poster at Society for Neuroscience Meeting.

Biophysical and pharmacological characterisation of native human Nav1.8 channels from isolated dorsal root ganglia (DRG). Payne L, Panchenko VA, Ghetti A, Alexandrou A, Miller PE, Stevens E (2012) Poster at Biophysical Society Meeting.

Nav1.7 ios the dominant subtype underlying TTX-s currents in small diameter mouse & human DRGs. Alexandrou A, Turner J, Payne E, Cox PJ, Panchenko VA, Ghetti A, Prime R, Doyle R, Chapman M, Maron B, Miller, PE, Butt R, Stevens E (2012) Society for Neuroscience Meeting.


Human ex-vivo action potential model for pro-arrhythmia risk assessment. Guy Page, Phachareeya Ratchada, Yannick Miron, Guido Steiner, Andre Ghetti, Paul E. Miller, Jack A. Reynolds, Ken Wang, Andrea Greiter-Wilke, Liudmila Polonchuk, Martin Traebert, Gary A. Gintant, Najah Abi-Gerges. J. Pharmacol Toxicol Methods; 81: 183-195

Human-based approaches to pharmacology and cardiology: an interdisciplinary and intersectorial workshop. Rodriguez B, Carusi A, Abi-Gerges N, Ariga R, Britton O, Bub G, Bueno-Orovio A, Burton R, Carapella V et al., (2015) Europace, pii: euv320

A robust and reliable ex vivo method for assessing cardiac repolarization using “living” human hearts. Reynolds J, Ghetti A, Miller P (2013) J Pharmacol Toxicol Method; 68: e167)


Astrocytes contribute to gamma oscillations and recognition memory. Lee HS, Ghetti A, Pinto-Duarte A, Wang X, Dziewczapolski G, Galimi F, Huitron-Resendiz S, Piña-Crespo JC, Roberts AJ, Verma IM, Sejnowski TJ, Heinemann SF. (2014) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.; 111 (32): E3343-522)


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Neuronal Responses Elicited by Interleukin-13 in Human Neurons. Y. Miron, P. Miller, M. Ramos, H. Hofland and F. Cevikbas. (2018)


Effect of Ozanimod (RPC1063) on Action Potential Parameters in Adult Human Purkinje Fibres. N. Abi-Gerges, P. Miller, A. Ghetti, F. Scott, K. Meadows, B. Clemons, P. Frohna, G. Page and G. Opiteck.


Adult Human Primary Cardiomyocyte Model for the Simultaneous Prediction of Drug-Induced Inotropic and Pro-Arrhythmia Risk. N. Nguyen, W. Nguyen, B. Nguyenton, P. Ratchada, K. Truong, G. Page, P. Miller, A. Ghetti and N. Abi-Gerges.


Action Potential Recording and Pro-Arrhythmia Risk Analysis in Human Ventricular Trabeculae. Y. Qu, G. Page.


Carbamazepine and CNV 1427400 Exhibit Similar Pharmacology in Recombinant Systems, Rat and Human Native DRGs. S. N. Tate, F. Rugiero, D. Derjean, V.A. Panchenko, D. Owen, A. Ghetti, K. Bannister, M. Thakur, A.H. Dickenson, P. Miller et al)


Extracellular Cyclic GMP (cGMP), the Downstream Mediator Released In Response to Linaclotide-Induced Activation of Guanylate Cyclase-C (GC-C), Reduces Excitability of Murine and Human Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons. J. Castro, G. Rychkov, A. Ghetti, A. Harrington, C. Kurtz et al.


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High-Content Functional Imaging Reveals Differential Effects of Inflammation on Two Distinct Populations of Human Nociceptive Neurons. Y. Miron, J. Zhang, G. Page, C. Ghetti, B. Copits, S. Davidson, R. Gereau, P. Miller, A. Ghetti.


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Tailoring Chronic Pain Treatments for the Elderly: Are We Prepared for the Challenge? S. Americ, J. Laird, A. Chappell, J. Kennedy.