AnaBios is pleased to announce that University of Florence professor Romina Nassini, BSc, Ph.D., is the winner of our second annual Translational Research Grant Award. Dr. Nassini will obtain up to $15,000 in AnaBios’ high-quality human tissue samples to study different expressions of proinflammatory mediator receptors in the human peripheral and central nervous systems.

Dr. Nassini is a scientist whose research interest focuses on the identification of new activators and inhibitors of TRP channels and the molecular and translational aspects of these mechanisms. She has contributed to the identification of pathways by which inflammatory mediators signal to sensory nerves by gating receptors and channels, to cause pain in different models of cancer-related pain, including those due to the use of chemotherapeutic drugs, and models of pain due to cancer growth. More recently, Dr. Nassini has contributed substantially to the identification of a novel mechanism (the TRPA1/NOX1 pathway) in Schwann cells, which, sustaining neuroinflammation, signals chronic neuropathic pain.

The top 10 entries into the translational research competition received a 25% discount from AnaBios towards human tissue samples for future research projects.