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AnaBios Hepatocyte Maintenance Media

AnaBios Hepatocyte Maintenance Media is a specialized cell culture medium designed to provide optimal conditions for the growth and maintenance of hepatocytes, the primary functional cells of the liver. This advanced formulation contains essential nutrients, growth factors and supplements that support cell viability, metabolic activity, and liver-specific functions in vitro. HEM-100

Size: 250mL

AnaBios Hepatocyte Plating Media

AnaBios Hepatocyte Plating Media is a specifically-formulated culture medium designed to support the attachment and initial growth of hepatocytes onto culture surfaces. This medium provides an optimized environment with the necessary nutrients, growth factors and supplements to enhance cell adhesion, viability and proliferation for successful hepatocyte plating and subsequent experimentation. HEM-200

Size: 250mL

AnaBios Hepatocyte Thawing Media

AnaBios Hepatocyte Thawing Media is a specialized solution designed to facilitate the safe and efficient thawing process of cryopreserved hepatocytes. This media contains protective agents, osmolytes and nutrients that help maintain cell viability during thawing, ensuring high cell recovery and post-thaw functionality for downstream applications in liver research and drug discovery. HEM-300

Size: 100mL

AnaBios HepatoSYSTEM™

AnaBios Hepatocyte Reagent Media Kit contains the AnaBios Hepatocyte Maintenance Media, the AnaBios Hepatocyte Thawing Media and the AnaBios Hepatocyte Plating Media. 

Size: 600mL