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Cross-species transcriptomic atlas of dorsal root ganglia reveals species-specific programs for sensory function

This paper (1) describes a protocol for efficient isolation of DRG nuclei from multiple species, (2) provides the high-resolution, comprehensive, detailed single-nucleus transcriptome atlas of DRG from pre-clinical to human samples, and (3) characterizse the transcriptional convergence and divergence of sensory neuron subtypes from rodents to humans. Thr results reveal that DRG sensory neuron subtypes are in general well-conserved across species. However, the paper identified key differences in gene products involved in pathophysiological processes which point to the potential for species-specific sensory neuron functions. Understanding the molecular and functional similarities and differences between somatosensory neurons in rodents and primates will enable a better understanding of the role of these neurons in sensory perception and tissue homeostasis, facilitating therapeutic efforts targeting sensory neurons.